Bridges and railways

  • about project

    The main advantage of Del Mar Energy is the use of its own vibration damping technology on the railway track. For this purpose, the holding uses the technology of laying rails and sleepers developed by us. In addition to using this technology, we are actively introducing neurotechnological systems for adapting production to dissipate incoming energy. To create such a methodology, innovative rubber is used, which is produced at the company's enterprises and does not lose its operational properties for 75 years.

  • mission

    Del Mar Energy has its own innovative solutions that decrease railway damage by 17% compared to classic track laying technologies. We carry out not only repair work, but also all related railway planning work up to the construction of arch structures, bridges and the laying of high-quality roadways on highways. The main mission of Del Mar Energy is the regular improvement of the road construction industry, the introduction of innovations and the digitalization of the use of railways.

  • strategy

    Since 2006, Del Mar Energy has been carrying out work on the laying of railway tracks and the construction of related infrastructure, including bridges and complex crossings. As a general contractor, we have so far completed 9078 miles of railway laying works in 9 countries around the world. The company has unique equipment and software developed in its own analytical center, as well as a fleet of construction equipment, which allows you not to involve third-party companies in the process. Del Mar Energy pays close attention to the digitalization of the industry and the need to replace old technologies with new ones. We aim to maximize the benefits of modern digital asset management by optimizing infrastructure.

Investment analysis

There is an urgent need for railway companies to invest in new technologies aimed at replacing old ones. The main advantage of modern digital asset management is the optimization of infrastructure and a significant reduction in primary costs. With the large amount of technology available today, older technologies are not as effective as today's platforms for processing, analyzing, and accelerating decision-making. Digitalization will be a key area for the development of the railway industry in the coming years. In fact, the transition has already begun – most railway companies are already seeing the change. Companies that use modern technologies are becoming industry leaders, since their competitors do not have such high margins in doing business and are not able to develop at such a rapid growth rate.

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