Regular road repairs

  • about project

    During the operation of highways, their pavement is regularly exposed to moving vehicles and various climatic factors, which causes deformation, destruction and wear of the pavement. As the general contractor, Del Mar Energy is responsible for paving 5.98 inches of recycled concrete crushed stone (recycled from the existing concrete slab), 5.98 inches of cement-treated crushed stone basecourse, 14.02 inches of PCCP polycarbonate coating for the main paths and 9.02 inches of temporary concrete ramps. We use Güntert & Zimmerman S850 and S600 pavers for paving six lanes.

  • mission

    We have extensive experience in routine, medium and major road repairs, which contributes to Del Mar Energy's broad capital diversification by channeling funds into different but profitable sectors. As a general contractor, we have repaired more than 3,728.226 miles of roadway in 9 countries around the world. In addition to unique neurotechnology equipment and software developed in our in-house research center, Del Mar Energy has its own fleet of state-of-the-art construction equipment from leading manufacturers. Today's existing highways are generally unable to cope with the rapidly increasing flow of vehicles. Road safety depends to a large extent on the proper execution of roadway maintenance and compliance with technical standards by the contractors who maintain it. How developed a region is can be judged by the quality of its roads.

  • strategy

    Therefore, road repair, as well as road construction, should be carried out competently, qualitatively, efficiently and conscientiously, using new progressive technologies and engaging reliable contractors.

Investment analysis

Del Mar Energy uses its own waste for road construction, which significantly optimizes costs and solves the problem of optimization. For example, in the United States, 6 million tons of construction waste were used to build the foundation of one expressway, which saved 47 million dollars, 4.45 million cubic yards of sand, 32 tons of coal and 494 acres of land that were required for waste disposal. This technology has proven itself positively for the construction of pedestrian zones. Del Mar Energy uses not only proven methods to repair roads, but also its innovative developments, which can significantly increase the service life of the roadway. Today, the Del Mar Energy fleet consists of 118 units of various equipment. Over 20 years of work, we have completed more than 200 projects in 21 countries around the world. Analysis of the direction shows that the profitability of this direction since 2010 has not fallen below 180% of the final return on investment.

Facts in numbers

  • 2500 $

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  • 238.56%


  • 4733199 $

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    Daily rate

  • 240 days

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  • Daily

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