Installation of production equipment

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    The petrochemical industry is developing rapidly, constantly gaining momentum. A block of columns is equipment that is the main link for the production of a number of chemicals in the processes of adsorption and desorption, cooling and gas cleaning. It is a vertical cylindrical vessel with an ellipsoid body, equipped with technological fittings, as well as hatches. This equipment is installed on a conical or cylindrical support welded to the body. Del Mar Energy manufactures 2 types of equipment: all-welded and prefabricated. If necessary, we also manufacture individual parts such as stills, grates and other elements that are used to optimize the systems. At the request of the customer, the column equipment is fitted with with the necessary spare parts or maintenance is carried out by the company's specialists in accordance with the concluded contracts. We have extensive technological experience and use the widest range of alloys and proprietary weld overlay technologies for columns, towers, reactors, heat exchangers, pipes and tanks. Petrochemical cladding and composite metals for the chemical industry provide reliable and safe storage of caustic materials at our customers' facilities – from purified terephthalic acid (OTA) to acetic acid and methyl methacrylate (MMA). In the manufacture of equipment, we use the best alloys of steels: St3SP, St20, 09G2S, 12kh18n10t, 08x18g8n2t, AISI 304, AISI 314, AISI 316, heat-resistant chromium-molybdenum steel 12 XM, 15XM. The durability of the products is ensured by manufacturing in the H2S 20YUH environment.

  • mission

    Del Mar Energy designs and manufactures equipment for the petrochemical industry. We have advanced industrial technologies for working with carbon, alloyed, high-alloy corrosion-resistant steels. Equipment installation is a set of works, including the assembly of machines, their installation in the working position, assembly and connection to technological lines, idling and load testing. Del Mar Energy carries out the installation of columns of its own design, which are the main equipment for the production of a number of reagents in the process of adsorption and desorption, cooling and gas cleaning. Installation of this equipment is the final stage of the construction of the facility. This process consists of preparatory, installation, testing and technical testing of the installed equipment. Technological processes of installation are divided into basic, preparatory and commissioning. During the construction of such facilities, installation work is about 35%, and at the facilities of chemical, oil refining and some other industries it reaches 50-60% of the total volume of work performed. This process is characterized by complexity and specific features. In parallel with the installation at the production site, construction and technological metal structures, pipelines, power supply systems, control equipment, system automation, ventilation device, etc. are installed.

  • strategy

    Del Mar Energy regularly improves its technology and the quality of its products. Our production is equipped with advanced and neurotechnological equipment, which helps to reduce the largest cost part, but at the same time create the highest quality products for our customers. The holding's research center has identified the most corrosion-resistant steel alloys that we use in the creation of columns.

Investment analysis

Modernization of equipment is the first step to improve production. The process allows us to multiply production capacity at the initial cost of labor, which makes our products the most in demand all over the world. Thanks to Del Mar Energy, many industries increase the level of competitiveness of their products and significantly improve the quality of their goods. Those industries to which the holding has supplied its own equipment have increased their productivity by 20-37% in less than a year. Since 2012, the profitability of this area has not fallen below 196% of the final return on investment.

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