Windmill creation

  • about project

    Wind energy has become one of the main sources of energy production, changing the global energy model, making it more environmentally friendly and sustainable. Improvements in technology allow some wind farms to produce electricity as cheaply as coal or nuclear power plants. Wind turbine blades play an important role, their shape, inclination, weight and materials used can have a great impact on the efficiency of the turbine to generate electricity. The blades of the wind turbine must have an aerodynamic profile to generate lift and generate maximum torque to rotate the turbine and drive the generators. Thus, the shape of the wind turbine blade is of great importance for the basic functioning of the machine.

  • mission

    Del Mar Energy pays a significant part of attention to this area from the green energy sector. We produce modern powerful wind turbines and their blades from unique alloys of our own design. The transformation of kinetic energy into electrical energy allows the holding to receive a huge part of the profit at insignificant costs.

  • strategy

    Del Mar Energy has been manufacturing wind turbines and wind turbine blades, as well as building wind farms since 2015. Extensive experience in operating and testing wind turbines has allowed us to develop our own aerodynamic design that combines performance, efficiency and scalability.

Investment analysis

Wind energy is a clean and renewable resource that fluctuates throughout the day, season, and even year after year. In windy regions, wind turbines operate about 60% of the time per year. Most turbines exhaust their service life more than 25% of the time, but the production period is significantly longer in winter, when the wind is much stronger. In cases where wind turbines are connected to large power grids, the intermittent nature of wind power does not affect consumers due to the location of special devices that regulate the volume of outgoing power and connect alternative generation methods.

Facts in numbers

  • 100000 $

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  • 347.2%


  • 723823578 $

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  • 1.4%

    Daily rate

  • 248 days

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  • Daily

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