Del Mar Energy Industrial Holding continues to expand its horizons by implementing major infrastructure projects worldwide. One of the company's significant achievements is the launch of a waste recycling plant in Ethiopia. This project, which commenced operations in 2023, represents an important step in the development of environmentally friendly energy in the region and is supported by the country's government.

The waste recycling plant is located 80 miles from the city of Asbe-Tafiri, making it a strategically important facility for the region. The total cost of the project was $360 million, reflecting the scale and significance of this enterprise.

The project aims to address several objectives:

- Waste Utilization.

The plant is designed to efficiently process significant volumes of household and industrial waste, reducing the burden on existing landfills and preventing environmental pollution.

- Energy Production.

Waste processing allows for the generation of energy used for the needs of the local population and industry. This helps reduce dependence on traditional energy sources and increases the share of renewable sources in the country's energy balance.

- Environmental Sustainability.

The project helps improve the environmental situation in the region by reducing emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere and preventing pollution of water resources.

One of the key success factors of the project has been the active support from the Ethiopian government. The government sees this project not only as a way to address environmental issues but also as an opportunity for economic growth. The plant creates new jobs, contributes to infrastructure development, and enhances the quality of life for local residents.

Supporting projects like Del Mar Energy's waste recycling plant allows the country to keep pace with global trends and ensure the long-term well-being of its citizens!